Farmers Protest: Will the feeders of the nation get justice?

Farmers Protest: Will the feeders of the nation get justice?
Photo Credit: Business Standard
With the simmering anger against the three central farm legislations since September, thousands of farmers from Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have been marching towards Delhi for the last three days.
After the failing support of their state governments, the farmers decided to put pressure on the central government for which they are marching towards the national Capital.
While the BJP governments have failed to convince farmers in UP and Harayana, governments of Rajasthan and Punjab have extended full support to their agitation. The farmers want the union government to either withdraw the three legislations or guarantee them the Minimum Support Price by introducing the new law. 
“We are protesting because the central laws have legal value. The state’s Bills do not have the same legal validity. We will not sit till the time the anti-farmer laws are not revoked or a Bill related to MSP is not passed by the Centre. Agriculture is a state subject and Centre could not create confusion by passing laws on subjects in the state list,” says Jagmohan Singh, general secretary, Bharti Kisan Union (Dakuanda). He says that now the fight is not only for the farmers of Punjab but for the farmers of the entire country and that is why we are protesting “despite state passing its own Bills”.
Farmers feel that by enacting the three laws, the Centre has made a move to end the MSP system. While MSP was never a legal provision but has remained a long-practised agricultural exercise in favour of farmers.
On the other hand, the Centre claims that its three farms laws will transform Indian agriculture and attract private investment while liberating farmers by giving them the freedom to sell their produce anywhere in the country. However, the three laws do not say anything on MSP being a legal provision.
While the feeders of this nation have been finally allowed to protest in Delhi after tear gas and water cannons fired by the police, the whole country watches them in their quest for Justice.