“Every deaths deserves respect at least”, appreciation to SKM government led by Shri PS Golay.

“Every deaths deserves respect at least”, appreciation to SKM government led by Shri PS Golay.

The second wave of Covid-19 that struck India has resulted in much chaos where question on health system has raised manifolds. The virus has crumbled the health system facilities of almost all the states, union territories and Sikkim has not been left far behind in this second wave of the virus. In a sorry state of affairs many lives have been lost that caught world attention and again the question of citizens’ safety, treatment, vaccination etc were in debate across in a good deal of news.

 In Sikkim too, the second wave has caused much havoc resulting into higher positivity rate, deaths which have been a topic of discussion and debates. In all this episode in different states across we have witnessed the horrific treatment meted to deaths where bodies were seen floating in the Ganges river or the visual of carcasses being eaten by wild animals. Also, there are visuals of dead bodies piled up, throw up as garbage or the family members paying bribes for carrying out the last rites of their dear ones. However, in all these developments, Government of Sikkim led by SKM party truly deserves much appreciation at dealing with the Covid deaths in the state. The government and non government agencies for instance Health Department, GMC and volunteers have coordinated well and given an ease to bereaved families members by giving a respectful farewell and by performing last rite rituals as per guiding religious principles that every person deserves on their final walk.

No doubt, the problems still persists as we have not really been able to contain the virus from its spread in both rural and urban areas, but gestures like this will somehow give us hope to fight against it with more power and strength.

Nonetheless, there are difference in our thinking or the ideologies but one thing SKM party and Shri PS Golay (Chief Minister, Sikkim) deserves is respect and appreciation by upholding the Sikkimese sentiments, values, cultures and rituals even in the worst of times.

By Prashant Babu, Namthang, South Sikkim.