Environmental heroes of Mamring; leaders by example


In this era of selfish people, it is comforting to know that we also have some people who are not only down to earth, but who thinks beyond himself, for his village and its environment. Mr Dilip Dhakal a 46-year-old from Amba GPU, Mamring has invested his later life in social work, setting an example for the rest of us by helping the people of Mamring keep their village clean, along with his partner Mr Parshuram Acharya.

Two months ago, he converted his personal taxi into a garbage carrier, in an effort to keep his village clean by collecting waste from different houses in his village in the custom garbage pick-up vehicle, without hesitation or shame. The two gentlemen collect every kind of wet and dry waste from the village and dispose of it in a safe place. 

I met these gentlemen while conducting a field survey and on asking them what made them start this venture, Mr Dilip Dhakal gave me a very simple answer – that he had thought of this a long time ago but being the lone bread earner in his family, he couldn’t take such a step. Ultimately, he took the bold decision of fulfilling his dream of doing social work and keeping his village’s environment clean, so he converted his private taxi into a garbage carrier.

When I asked him how he was taking care of his family now, to which he smiled and replied saying that by doing this, he is earning approximately 5000 INR per month, through which he takes care of his family. He mentions that he is happy for whatever he is doing and earning since the decision he took has given him satisfaction through the fulfilment of his longstanding dream. 

Hats off to him and his partner! There is a need for more people like them who not only think about themselves but also about their community and ecology.

The article has been written by Sonam Wangdi, a Research Scholar of Political Science Department (Governance and Electoral politics: A study of Sangha seat in Sikkim). 

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