Gangtok,1st July, 2019: NE Talks, inspiring millennials is a podcast/video creation produced by the founder and CEO of NE taxi, Mr. Rewaj Chettri. A 24 years old entrepreneur with a sole motive to uplift next generations who have influenced north east immensely with his thriving business start-up, however he wishes to proliferate his self-gained knowledge in entrepreneur, social or any aspect of life through his production, NE talks Mr Chettri said, “Podcast/videos is now an option for me to reach people and inspire our youth and next generation for a better tomorrow”.

“if you can believe it, you can achieve it”, holding firm to this aphorism, a young lad from the lap of Himalayas (SIKKIM), Rewaj Chettri has come out as a successful entrepreneur from the north east who also made his way up to the Forbes 30 under 30, Asia 2018.He is also known as the serial entrepreneur, the founder of many start-ups in Sikkim and Northeast, from opening music app, CISUM to number 1 tech-enabled transportation system, NE Taxi, he has altogether 34 start-ups till date. When it comes to knowing one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Sikkim, he surely does qualify to be one who has stood outstanding in all the ventures he has explored so far. He has showcased himself in a very accomplished manner and has portrayed all his skills in a very memorable way. Due to his dedication to optimizing every aspect of life, he is an excellent resource on enhancing productivity. His philosophy focuses on beating procrastination and boosting productivity through self-discipline and self-awareness.

Yet again introducing his new 35th start-up, NE TALKS. NE TALKS is an inspirational podcast/videos produced by Rewaj Chettri to reach among millennials which aims to motive, uplift and provide the listeners with actionable and psychological-oriented managerial tactics and algorithms based on his personal journey as an entrepreneur. He will also be providing his audience with concrete advices and rituals to change one’s lifestyle to achieve maximum productivity in their day to day life. It will also serve as a hub which brings successful people and experts from all over the northeast to share their story of success and discuss about specific techniques or mind sets based on their own personal research which made them nail in their respective field of endeavour. Rewaj will also be seen interviewing various high-performing individuals across many fields. In these interviews, he will be digging into their day-to-day habits and activities so that listeners can take and use them in their own lives. NETALKS, a podcast of 5-10 minutes will be updated with every week on Saturdays with different stories on start-ups, entrepreneurial ground, social issues and motivational talks.

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