‘Dumvun’ included as one of the uniforms for nursing staff


In a world of Supreme clothing and trends that change every other day, traditional wear is often seen as occasional outfits. India’s many cultures have bloomed as many traditional costumes, but still, the preferred choice of clothing almost always becomes a sari or kurta when it comes to everyday wear or even at workplaces.

Sikkimese workplaces also see an array of bakhus, saris and kurtas, but today, the Health and Family Welfare Department under Government of Sikkim, issued a notification to announce that ‘dumvun’, the traditional dress of Lepcha women will now be included as a uniform for the Assistant Nursing Superintendents, Deputy Nursing Superintendents, NS, DNS, along with the sari and bakhu.

Renjyong Mutanchi Rong Tarjum (Sikkim Lepcha Association) has extended their gratefulness to P.S. Tamang (Golay), Chief Minister of Sikkim and the Minister of Health and Family Welfare Department for supporting this initiative.

The principal matter here is not only the inclusion but the recognition that was long due for the Lepcha community as a whole. Not only is it pleasing to one community, but to all Sikkimese, since citizens share a common love for all cultures and traditions.

Even though the world modernizes quickly, remaining true to one’s roots and respecting all facets of people’s traditions and cultures are necessary because entire tribes and societies were built upon them. Sikkim’s simple yet colourful traditional attires attract not only tourists but also stands as a symbol for how far we have come and how beautifully our ancestors have created such unique things from scratch. It is a pleasure to view and know that uniforms now are as inclusive as we all strive to be.

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