Learning is a continues process. This process as it is said to be from the “womb to the tomb”. Learning as a process is two dimensional one being the formal learning and the other informal. The informal learning process takes place through the process of socialization of the learner and the formal learning takes place in schools environment. The learning process also involves triangular structure consisting of three major components i.e the learner, the teacher and the learning environment. The “learning environment” acts as a major factor in the process of effective learning.

The learning environment can be simply explained as the societal environment in which the the learner is inhabiting and the school environment ( i.e the location of the school, the curriculum, the nature of teaching faculty, the infrastructure, the kind of peers pressure the learner will be dealing with etc.) the learner is being nurtured.If a survey is considered, in order to evaluate the learners learning environment in the society and school, it will enlighten our failed endeavors to achieve positive learning outcomes. The learning outcomes are the outcomes that we expect the learner to learn by the end of the teaching learning process. Now, the question is, what are the factors that are affecting the learner learing outcomes?? or why is effective learning not taking place as planned and as expected??

After observing and analyzing the present scenario of our society and the behaviour of our learners, it is evident that one major factor for poor learning outcomes is the effect of drug menance that has engulfed out society. It is painful to see that substance abuse has become a alarming factor in schools which is polluting the school environment and largely affecting their learning outcomes. As teachers we have to stand by our pupils and everytime we have to reinforce them by saying that each one of them have equal capabilities of exiling in their career.But on the contrary, it is hard for us a teacher to see our learners deeply delving into substance abuse and losing their Learning abilities. This may sound a meagre problem for the other stake holders in the education system but for the teachers and the school administration it has become a major Challenge that has to be dealt imperatively. If we consider the larger picture of substance abuse, it’s not gonna end here, it has reached every nook n corner of our society.But still we are silent and ignorant on these issues. We as members of civil society are far from being vigilant and lack intervention. Rather, we become hypocratic and say “chorde hamro nani haru ta testo chaina, aru ko je pani hos” or else if someone takes the responsibility of showing concern some parents tend to be so adamant not to believe their child’s ill habits. Our heart gets numb while dealing with these young learners who in their dire need of help accepts their addiction and shows willingness to get admitted to rehab centers. It’s disheartening to hear when they say it’s because of their broken family they got involved in drugs. It’s the quantity time they want and they not even get quality time. Some say it’s peer pressure and some say it’s because of their relationships. Yes!! Drug know’s no gender differences, infact the number of female gender is on the rise. As Napoleon said” give me a good mother I will give you a good nation”. Where are we heading, are our parents too busy earning a living or too busy being materialistic or too much an individualist. It’s not about playing a blame game it’s about ownership. How do we expect our education system to boom when we are ignorant and blinded by our needs of life not to see that this menace is ruining young lives and our nation’s future.

All that we as parents need to give these young learners is quantity time not only quality. As teachers we need to love and give them the best lessons of life. All that society needs to give them is vigilance, intervention and ownership. Thus, learning will take place effectively and as planned.

By Bishal darnal

About the Author: Bishal Darnal is a post graduate teacher of Political Science and a coordinator of SAATHI. He can be contacted at sasonian82@gmail.com


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