Image Source: Sikkim Chronicle, Facebook

A lot of households in different parts of Gangtok suffered from desiccated water pipelines. Areas like Samlik-Marchak, Development Area, DPH, some bazaar areas around Arithang, MG Marg and Lall Bazaar faced similar situations, so did various other areas in and around the capital. The Superintending Engineer, North and East, of PHE and Water Supply, Government of Sikkim, Satya Prakash Rai clarified to Sikkim Chronicle on the matter, that due to the heavy rainfalls of May 23rd, the source at Ratey Chu was affected due to landslides and a minor flood that disrupted the flow due to the debris that was brought by the landslides and flooding.

“Our source is at Ratey Chu and due to the heavy rainfall the debris disrupted the water supply due to which we started restoration work, even after restorations due to the debris the water was muddy and unclear, so we didn’t let that water through fearing sickness and epidemics,” says Satya Rai.

According to the officer, the pipes had already been restored on Monday and the areas affected had started to receive water.

“We haven’t had any complaints as of now, the water supply has been resumed and the remaining areas that may be facing any problems might be because of the air pockets in the water of since there was a delay because of the unhealthy water that wasn’t let flow,” Rai informs.

The disruption and the unclear water delay has been already rectified and households in and around Gangtok are all set to receive water supply, which according to sources have started resuming today.

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