Dealer Point Registration for all vehicles for hassle free post-purchase formalities


The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) under the Transport Department has started Dealer Point Registration of all vehicles from the 1st of November, using the system powered by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). Details of all the vehicles will be filled at the dealership, along with the necessary documents that need to be submitted by the buyer.

“In the online system everything will be transparent and free of hassles for the buyer” says Raju Basnet, PCE cum Secretary of the Transport Department.
“All security system is in place and maintained up-to-date by NIC, so no user data goes to wrong hands”.

The benefits of this registration are:
i) No visit to the registering office for temporary registration necessary for confirmation, since the dealer will make sure all documents are ready after consultation with the customer.
ii) Customers can pay their taxes online through Netbanking/Credit or Debit cards at the dealer point.
iii) No additional HSRP charges.
iv) In case of loss of physical documents, all the scanned copies will be available in the online database.
v) Annual payment of vehicle taxes is also available online.
Basnet adds that there is additional no financial liability to the state, because the NIC is a central government body and all these software are made available free to the department.

“The systems have always been there, but we have only begun implementing it now. Soon enough, all states in India will be opting dealer point registration.”

Since, some people prefer more traditional methods to a digital one, there might be a few people who are skeptical about digital processes. But the department will provide all help and support for people who want to understand the system better.

He informs that the MVD and NIC has trained personnel from the dealerships to help people understand the process and assure that things move smoothly for both parties. The process is pretty simple, since the customer needs to visit the dealership once having selected a model of vehicle to buy and has the financial resources for purchase, they can take the required documents and finish the registration of their vehicle on the same day. The dealer will fix the HSRP (number plates) on the purchased vehicle and then deliver it to the customer.

“We have given a checklist to the dealer regarding what documents are to be produced by the buyers, so that there is no problem for the customer,” he says.

He adds that all the services delivered by Motor Vehicles will be made online by 2020.

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