It’s said that when one sense is lost the others become stronger. Such is the story of Balaram Sharma. A deaf and a dumb person whose will power is as strong as his remaining senses. So strong that his whole being itself is an inspiration.

Read about this inspirational individual and his amazing journey in his own words.

“I feel grateful towards god for such supportive family who never treated me as a disable despite my disability. I have always been encouraged to do everything than a normal person does.

“I am Balaram Sharma and I am deaf. I love playing table tennis, cricket, travelling, reading books and surfing internet. I am also interested in learning about new technologies.

“I live in Tadong and gained my initial education from Greendale School, Tadong. Being deaf couldn’t hamper my studies and I always stood 1st, 2nd or 3rd. However, it was not because of my understanding towards the subjects, but because I mugged up each and everything and write the same during the exams. Since the school wasn’t a special school and teachers weren’t trained in sign language, it was my sister at home who used to explain to me the lessons and helped me in my studies. However, this wasn’t possible every time as she herself was a student. Some of my classmates learnt sign language and they also helped me with my studies.

“One day I came to know about CSI School for the deaf in Chennai. I told about it to my family and showed interest to study there. I got an admission and completed my remaining studies there. I couldn’t score 77% during class X. It was Tamil Nadu board. Further, I opted for commerce stream and achieved 93.7%. After completing my school I did Bachelors of Computer Application from St Louis College for the Deaf in Chennai and cleared with 76.3%.

“I had been offered a job in Chennai by Accenture Company after a campus training but my family wanted me to return Gangtok and try for a job here. After having retuned in 2014, I started looking for jobs but didn’t succeed. In 2017, I applied for the post of accounts clerk and got through the written exam and further cleared the interview. Currently, I am posted at the Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Dept. as an accounts clerk. Since my joining there on 28th May last year, it’s been a wonderful work experience with supportive and helpful seniors and colleagues. I love my job!

“While in school I participated in sports and my school team (Chennai) has won the third place in cricket at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
I won a first place during a table tennis event in Sikkim and qualified for the National Games of Deaf, Hyderabad 2016. Recently in December 2018, I again participated in the National Games of Deaf, Chennai and reached till the quarter finals.

Parents of Balaram Sharma

“I feel grateful towards god for such supportive family who never treated me as a disable despite my disability. I have always been encouraged to do everything than a normal person does.

“It’s a humble request all the parents who have disabled children not to make dependent by keeping them at home. Let them study, play sports, go out and explore the world and become self dependent.

“I want to spread awareness about sign language and encourage people to learn it. I can communicate through messages but I prefer talking in sign language because it helps me express myself better.”

Balaram has indeed proved that disability is just a state of mind and everything is achievable if one puts his heart and soul into it. People like him come as a positive impact to the society which otherwise sits with an age old ‘boxed’ thinking when it comes to addressing disability. Sikkim Chronicle salutes Balaram’s resilience and will power and urges others to approach people with disabilities with empathy instead of sympathy.

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