COVID-19 cases: 1 under isolation, almost 100 quarantined in West Sikkim


West Sikkim, March 23: Sikkim has been on its toes, most citizens taking all the precautions they can. They know that living in an extremely sensitive period as of right now, there are certain rules and regulations that are being created and enforced to avoid a serious outbreak of the COVID-19 in the state. Yet, there are some who ignore warnings and treat the pandemic carelessly.

Last night, a case materialized in Soreng, West Sikkim that goes to show how some citizens are risking the safety of their family and friends by not disclosing their travel history and going for a proper check-up after entering Sikkim.

Sikkim Chronicle found out that the case was that the man in question had a month-long visit in Oman, after which he then travelled to Mumbai, then to Delhi, and then to Dehradun before finally paying a visit to Sikkim, where he had not disclosed his travel logs fully, and he also did not fill up a self-declaration form at Melli check post as well.

According to our sources, the man was shifted to a quarantine facility today.

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate of West Sikkim issued an order the Station House Officer at Soreng Police Station to initiate immediate actions on the concerned person and investigate his travel history, the family members living with him and other persons who had come into contact with him by the 23rd of March 2020.

The DM West also issued a notification for authorities and the general public alike to be more vigilant and compliant on the self-quarantine, stating that more stringent actions will be ordered to anyone flouting home quarantine protocol. At present West District of Sikkim has almost a 100 people in home quarantine with some 20 persons in home-quarantine in Soreng Sub-Division alone. As of now, no one has any symptoms of the virus and they are under compulsory home isolation as notified by DM West.

The DM also asked the Panchayats and Ward Councillors of their respective areas to monitor people who have come from outside of Sikkim to ensure that they are in self-quarantine for at least 14 days. The notification issued, in addition to asking the concerned travellers who have entered Sikkim to stay in quarantine, also states that anyone flouting the directives for the measures of treatment or quarantine is to be reported to the Police and then acted upon under section 270 of the IPC and in the breach of the issued directive.

The cases of the novel coronavirus in India have risen to a 415 with 7 deaths right now, from which 23 people have recovered. In retrospect, the actions from Sikkimese Government authorities have been prompt and thoughtful, but the authorities can only do so much. It is solely in the hands of the Samaritans of Sikkim to be thoughtful and vigilant in taking the necessary steps in fighting the disease that has had the world in lockdown.


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