Sikkim’s former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has been accorded with the Special Protection Guard (SPG) claims, ‘SDF News’, one of the social media handles on Facebook.

The post has been published with claims of the former CM being an asset of India and is the only political leader from Sikkim to be accorded with SPG, which otherwise is only entrusted with the task of providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India, former Prime Minister and their immediate family members.

‘Customarily’ the post got viral in no time and many Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) supporters claimed it to be a valid call of Centre. Netizens were seen debating on the authenticity of the news, the provisions and some even confirming it to be National Security Guard (NSG).

While the news started trending day long and the confused reactions from netizens started increasing, still the validity of the news remained un-confirmed from any official sources of the SDF.

Coincidentally, SDF conducted a press conference in the afternoon shooting various allegations towards the SKM government with the claims about existence of political terrorism in Sikkim. However, the questioned remained as to why the SDF spokespersons failed to speak over the news of the their supremo being accorded with a high security.

Sikkim Chronicle when contacted SDF Spokesperson, MK Subba, over the phone to confirm the authenticity of the news received “no comments” as his reply.

While trying to reach out to other party workers, none except the SDF News could prove the validity.

Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) President, Dr. Bina Basnet through a telephonic conversation with SC stated, “I cannot comment on SPG security being provided to the former CM, Pawan Chamling until we have a conclusive report on it. I have told the sources to find out the authenticity of news and will get back once confirmed”.

SDF supporters were also seen alleging SKM government for failing to provide the state police security to the longest serving CM alleging the ruling morcha of vendetta politics, for which reason centre is now providing SPG.

Some party workers also questioned stating that SDF President is not just an elected MLA but also the leader of the opposition, thus, why was security withdrawn by the SKM government?

SC also spoke with the political secretary to the present CM, Jacob Khaling to understand the alleged failure of the SKM government to provide security to the former CM and on the news of SPG to which he replied, “what is he threatened about? Sikkim is a peaceful state. Our leader in the past with only 10 MLAs in opposition walked freely without security. The security for former CM is for fashion and not security.”

About being enquired about any provision under the state government to provide security to the opposition leader, Khaling said that there is no opposition leader in Sikkim. “He (former CM) was the one who made laws during his government to not have opposition leaders in the state and we cannot go beyond the law and make someone opposition leader. He was the one who didn’t want to have opposition leaders in Sikkim, we had also gone to court with the issue in 2015 and the then government provided a manipulated affidavit leaving no opposition leader in Sikkim. Thus, the same law is still prevalent. In democracy there should be an opposition leader and we abide by democratic principles. We want to make laws to have opposition leaders which is a fundamental need of democracy but he has stated not to attend the Assembly sessions and we cannot make law in the absence of opposition. Before asking for security he should not boycott the Assembly”.

Speaking further on news of SPG the political secretary stated, “since SPG is a central subject, we cannot comment on it right now, but if he has asked for the high security stating his insecurity in Sikkim, then it’s really unforutnate as Sikkim is a peaceful state and there is no threat to anyone here.”

SC also contacted a close aide of the former CM’s family regarding the news on which he was initially unaware but later confirmed of having a security provided. However, even he couldn’t confirm the security type.

The high security of SPG to the former CM still remains unconfirmed till evening. The news is not just creating confusions amongst the people of Sikkim but also speculations and questions are arising against the safety and security in Sikkim.


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