Commerce & Industry Department discuss with UAE companies at World Expo: Companies show intrest to establish tourism business in Sikkim

Commerce & Industries Department had discussion with companies of UAE on 09.03.2022 as part of World Expo at Dubai.
The Government of Sikkim delegation comprising of HK Sharma, Commissioner-cum- Secretary and M Ravikumar, Director MSME had trade discussion with companies based in UAE for promotion of Sikkim tourism among tourist of UAE and other Middle East Countries for bringing UAE tourists to Sikkim Tour operators in Dubai shown interest to bring UAE tourists to Sikkim and also inviting Sikkim tourists to UAE.
The companies in UAE are interested to have tie up with local tourist operators in Sikkim for the tourism promotion. Commerce & Industries Department assured to arrange bilateral meeting between tour operators of both side in coordination with Tourism Department of Sikkim to promote the tourism.

The interested tour operators of Sikkim can contact Tourism & Civil Aviation Department and Commerce & Industries Department, Government of Sikkim for expanding their business profile to UAE and other Middle East Countries. All possible support can be extended by both the departments.

Presentation was also made on investment opportunities in Sikkim highlighting especially on adventure tourism, cable ropeways, amusement parks, tourism amenities, etc.
Companies showed interest to establish tourism business in Sikkim.

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