Photo Source: Government of Sikkim, Facebook

The Chief Minister P.S. Tamang through a Facebook post announced a high-level meeting with various ministers and MLAs, all of whom met as a State-Level Task Force. Announcing different decisions and future possibilities, the CM advised the Sikkimese public to be careful, not shying away from sharing the fear of having more possible cases in Sikkim. The CM also expressed thankfulness to leaders from opposition BJP for attending and advising on the meeting

Photo Source: Government of Sikkim, Facebook

Many points were discussed, considered, and decided as action plans and policies, all shared through the CM’s Facebook post. Below is a copy of the same:

Today, we held a high-level meeting with the State- Level Task Force to take stock of the current situation and also to strategise the post 4th lockdown (ending 31st May) scenario.

During the meeting, various suggestions were shared by our Hon’ble Ministers, MLAs (including BJP) and departmental heads to counter the challenges that lie ahead. Starting from 1st of May, we had commenced the process of bringing back our citizens stranded in different parts of the country and also transport arrangements for people other states to their respective homes. We now have few citizens in Maharashtra which is a red zone area and will evacuate them after all the necessary transport requirements are fulfilled. We are also providing economic packages to those people who are opting to stay where they are.

I am happy to announce that the boards(CBSE/ICSE) have allowed those students studying outside the state to appear for the remaining exams from Sikkim.

The Government will also be considering the gradual opening of restaurants, gyms, private schools, dance & music academy duly observing thew COVID-19 protocols. Also, Manipal Hospital will cater to operations for a period of three months along with STNM doctors. STNM will function for other minor ailments/health issues.
We are suggesting a few things which will keep Sikkim safe:

  • Starting 1st June 2020 ODD/EVEN rule will apply to both taxis and private vehicles and will be strictly monitored.
  • No inter-district movement till 15 June. Only intra-district movement will be allowed.
  • Gyms will be able to function with strict social distancing, limited entries and timing.
  • To promote local tourism and also to revive the homestays/ hotels of Sikkim, educational tours for students will be conducted within the state.
  • Offices will continue to function with 30% of employees.
  • Educational institutes will open for maintenance and preparations but classes will only resume after the month of June.
  • All movement of hardware trucks to be stopped till 15 June 2020.
  • To cater to a large number of kidney patients, several dialysis units shall be set up in the district and later at the sub-divisional level so that they may not leave the state.

Though we have provided certain relaxations, I request our people to be cautious and follow safety protocols as there may be a possibility of more cases with people returning to the state. It is our collective effort and discipline that has kept us safe until now and should continue with it.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone including the MLAs from BJP for attending the meeting and putting forth their ideas and suggestions. We have a common goal of keeping COVID-19 at bay and urge everyone to unite and co-operate.

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