As two COVID-19 patients in Sikkim recover and are discharged, active cases stand at 58

As two COVID-19 patients in Sikkim recover and are discharged, active cases stand at 58

Gangtok, June 13: In some long-awaited good news for the state, it has come to light that two patients have recovered and were discharged on Saturday. Dr. Pempa T. Bhutia, Health Secretary cum Director-General informed that the first and second COVID-19 patients in Sikkim, who were under treatment at the COVID-19 Wing of STNM Hospital, Sochayghang have completely recovered and discharged with instructions for home quarantine. 

Just on Friday morning and evening, there was a significant hike in the number of COVID-19 cases which had brought the state’s tally to 60 active cases, but it has now been brought down to 58, which shows how hard the State Health Department and healthcare workers are working around the clock.

COVID-19 patients in Sikkim

Sikkim’s first case who had been in the COVID-19 wing of STNM hospital from May 22 and is a yoga practitioner says, “I was in the COVID wing of STNM Hospital for around 21 days. I feel had I been getting treated anywhere else for COVID, I wouldn’t have gotten the same treatment that I got here. It felt like I was home and during this time the healthcare workers treated me like their son or brother like I was their family member, they were very kind.”

“At first when I had developed a fever I thought it was due to the weather changes, but when the results of the test came back positive for COVID-19 I was shocked for a brief moment, but my family and the healthcare workers who took care of me constantly reminded me that I would recover which helped a lot.”

“I know the cases have surged a lot in the past couple of days and things seem bleak right not, but we have to stay positive, this goes the same for the infected persons who are getting treated also, we can’t let only the negativity control us right now, while I understand the feeling of dejection but we can get through this. For the general public, I would strongly advise building up one’s immunity, while the rest of the precautionary measures- social distancing, hygienic habits, everyone is already aware of,” says the now recovered patient.

While Sikkim current active cases now stand at 58, India as a whole is at 146,383 with 8,890 deaths while 154, 330 have recovered and currently stands at 4th place in countries worst affected by the virus.