Artist duo initiates a self funded town beautification project

Artist duo initiates a self funded town beautification project

If you have been around the flyover near Titanic Park, you might have seen two Gangtokians painting the walls. 22-year-old Prahlad Biswakarma and 23-year-old Chogyal Lama, together decided to grab their brushes, some chalk, and some self funded paints and start off with their venture of painting the walls of Gangtok with their artworks.

Prahlad Biswakarma and Chogyal Lama making art on the wall

Initiated on 11 January 2020, the duo has been tirelessly working on their art since, neither with any support from anyone nor with any permission to do so. Nobody seems to pay heed or remuneration to these artists who are doing a splendid job, art-wise and also socially.

While speaking with Sikkim Chronicle, the pair informed that this drive was solely for the purpose of beautification with the undertone of screaming out for recognition for their artwork.

“We see people spitting, throwing trash and making all kinds of mess in these areas and we just wanted to throw this artwork up so people seeing this might hesitate and refrain from doing that”, Prahlad says.
“We are just trying to clean the dirty walls with our art, the best way we know to do so, there are a lot of people who come to Gangtok and to see these dirty walls like this, I believe it will certainly leave a wrong impression to the people”, adds Chogyal.

The duo with their self-funded project have made up the mind to literally paint the whole town, which would require a lot of resources, and the twosome is in hopes that the right people might recognise their hard work and talent, and fund them in the coming days.

“We do require funds, the paints that we are using aren’t actually used for walls, we need spray paints that cost a lot, but we are doing what we can with what we have, we will still be painting other areas around Star Hall, Hospital Dara flyover, or anywhere that needs beautification. We do not have the tools or connections right now, but hopefully, people may recognise our works and help us help this town”, the duo quotes.

Even without proper equipment and the needed paints, the duo has done an exceptional job at painting the walls of the flyover near Titanic Park, setting an example for the struggling artists of Sikkim.

Sikkim Chronicle wishes them luck and hopes that the right people read this and come forward to help them achieve what they aim to.