Advocates address issues of Sanskrit teachers and violation of Home Dept guidelines

Advocates address issues of Sanskrit teachers and violation of Home Dept guidelines

Gangtok, July 1: Vice Convener of the Sikkim Subject Committee Nawin Kiran Pradhan and Advocate Bina Rai held a joint press conference on Thursday to address various issues, from the grievances of the Sanskrit teachers where questions about the education sector were raised to issues of nepotism and the identity proof problem of Sushmita Subba, which was considered partial on the basis of economy, class and gender. 

Pradhan said, “We have a small dream to fulfil our bigger dream. Health and education are the fundamental requirements noted in our Constitution. All Sikkimese are supposed to get the same education, from ministers to the ones in the clerks level. Right to Education must prevail and apply to all. The time has come when the govt has to look at it at on a serious level.”

“Yesterday we met the Sanskrit teachers and ĺearned that the teachers will be reinstated from August. We welcome the decision but not just as a press release but in the form of policy. Sanskrit is our mother language. A Sanskrit teachers policy should be made. Right to education not just for Sanskrit but other languages too should be taken care of equally.

We have received messages from ad-hoc teachers, who said that their renewal has not been done. If education has to move forward, a progressive decision must be taken. Our education system should better since we give education to our future.”

He further informed that they have learned that “the government doesn’t even have a list of senior teachers”, contrasting it then to how juniors and newbies are promoted to posts of Joint Directors. 

They also discussed the intra and interstate travel rules, declaring that rules should be rules and not in favour of a few. “An issue trending in social media, Sushmita Subba’s, is still undone”

“An unverified news of someone’s death in Jorethang, following a funeral has surfaced where it is being believed that five people have entered Sikkim for the same and the Jorethang police had to file a GD against it. Further, those five have been kept in quarantine as to what I heard. We should not be sensitive but practical since the spread of COVID-19 is quick even though Sikkim has been successful to restrain it. But the people entering Sikkim remain as a big question mark as of now.”

“Names of big policemen are popping up and if the government is serious about the pandemic, we demand a judicial enquiry. How did they enter? On whose permission? Melli police? The government should not hesitate in punishing the ones who are responsible.”

The aforementioned news has been verified and a press release has been issued from the Office of the Chief Secretary, asking for an investigation into the issue.