Bridge collapsed at Ghairi ward North Sikkim : more than 50 households affected

After the bride connecting Ghairi Ward of North Sikkim to Gangtok collapsed more than 50 households of the village are affected since the other alternative road remains 1 hour hill climb to reach the National Highway.

Bridge collapsed at Ghairi ward North Sikkim : more than 50 households affected
image source: Summit times

The bridge at Ghairi ward under Kabi- lunghuck Constituency collapsed on the morning of June 6 due to heavy rainfall. the bridge which collapsed happens to be the easiest way of reaching the nearest town that is Gangtok, the other alternative root is approximately 3 km away from the village.

Further, the bridge connects more than 50  households of mainly two villages under the constituency. And with the breakdown of the bridge, it becomes difficult for the people to avail medical emergencies since the alternative root remains approximately 3 km walk from the village and other alternative remains under construction.

One of the villagers said “ My brother is a kidney patient and by travelling through this bridge is only used to take half an hour to reach Gangtok, but now we have to climb up to reach the National highway”

“ as now to rebuild the bridge it may take time so we request the government to complete the other alternative root as soon as possible so that it may be easier for us to commute in case of medical emergencies”

 The construction of the bridge above Ratay chu was completed by 2017 and in the year 2018 the bridge was fullfledged used, the bridge is one of the most important aspects for the people of the village since it connects the village to the nearest town.

During the period of construction in the year 2015, Passang Sherpa the current Panchayat President of Ghairi ward along with other people from the village visited the construction site for inspection in which they found that the concrete of the foundation of the bridge was washed away by the river, in regard to it, they requested the engineers and other individuals to fill the space with metal rods so that the bridge becomes strong,

Furthermore when the suggestion was kept according to Passang Sherpa one of the engineers in return said: “ TOH ENGINEER HO, JHAR KANNAY “ ( are you an engineer?).

Passang Sherpa claims that “ the collapse of the bridge happened due to negligence of the engineers, if the suggestion at that time was taken seriously then this bridge would not have collapsed” 

Further, the site was visited by officials from the government including the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate and Block Divisional Office.

One of the official speaking with media said “ I have requested the contractor to complete the construction of the alternative route as soon as possible,  further I have also submitted a proposal to the government to build a suspension bridge immediately”

In addition, he also stated “since the nearest route to reach village remains one hour downhill, so in regard to which we will have a meeting and will fulfil needed immediate relief to the villagers”