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Gangtok, December 12: SDF government headed by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling completes twenty four years on December 12.

Amongst many achievements that have changed the dynamics of Sikkim, the government has also faced a tough opposition and criticism relentlessly in its policies.

Leaders of some of the leading political parties in Sikkim shares their opinion with SIKKIM CHRONICLE identifying the challenges and critically examining the governments’ achievements and failures.

Biraj Adhikari, Spokesperson, Hamro Sikkim Party has stressed on the government failing to check influx as its failure along with the need for adopting new approach to state’s ailing education and health sectors. 

Likewise, Jacob Khaling, Spokesperson, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha while congratulating SDF has asked the government to introspect its policies which has been a sheer “failure” he added.

He also raised concerns on growing misuse of law and order machinery in Sikkim by the ruling party.

DN Kazi, President, Sikkim National People’s Party has criticised the vision of the government and stated that the government has failed in addressing basic issues like education and health.

“Centre funds have not been utilised in a proper way,” he says.

Calling the development model ongoing in Sikkim as unwanted he said that common Sikkimese have not been able to reap benefits from the development government.

The opposition parties have echoed similar sentiments of the government failing to address issues of education,health,roads and related infrastrutres, basic amenities like drinking water.


Dispelling all opposition critisism, KT Gyaltsen, Spokerperson, SDF has hailed the historic continuation of the government as a success of democracy.

He questioned the approch of opposition stating that Sikkkm lacks constructive opposition.

When asked about challenges the government has faced so far, he stated that its a concern that the democratic dividend that the state now enjoys due to the governments performance is not adequately grapsed by the youths.

He further stressed on the need for the Sikkimese to become more skillfull and knowledgeable adopting to newer opportunities state now offers.

“There is no alternative to the current leadership and his vision,” he said.


Citizens have also had thier say in the record term in governance with advice and views from the grassroots.

A youth in early 20 has raised concerns on growing VIP culture and misuse of power which has now “incresingly becoming part and parcel of day to day life”, he adds.

Some citizens have also advised the government to introspect on traffic and transportation crisis in the capital Gangtok along with new policies on sanitation.

Many have praised the organic, tourism and sustainable development policies of the state however they have asked the government to have a proper analysis to relook or revisit its program for quick and efficient implementation along with a free and fair access to resources without any form of victimisation or favouritism.


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